The Statue of Liberty

Although there are plenty of recognizable buildings and structures located all throughout the greater New York City area, none are as recognized around the world quite like the Statue of Liberty. Located on Liberty Island in New York, it is truly one of the most iconic symbols of not just New York City, but the entire world as well. But why exactly is the Statue of Liberty so recognizable and iconic on a global scale?

The reason for this is fairly simple, and that is because the Statue of Liberty is truly a symbol of hope for people all over the world – not just for people who are already living in the United States but even for and in fact particularly for people who are living elsewhere in the world and one day hope to live the American dream. Back in the day, when immigrants were arriving to New York on ships from all over the world, the Statue of Liberty was one of the first things that they saw when they were pulling into the United States for the very first time. It symbolized their new and better life that was awaiting them as soon as they stepped foot on the United States and became citizens of this great country.

Even today, although most people don’t immigrate to this country through New York City (let alone by boat), they still look forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty eventually at some point in their lives. Given that this country is a country of immigrants, it makes perfect sense that even today people flock from all over the country to see the Statue of Liberty in-person, whether they just arrived in this country, or have been living here for their entire lives but simply have not had the chance to see the statue up until that point. And even people who may be vacationing from other countries often make it a point to check out this landmark, many of whom hoping to one day become a legal citizen and live out all of their hopes and dreams that the Statue of Liberty represents. In short, getting even just a glimpse of the wondrous statue puts into perspective what America represents and will always represent.

Despite what you may think about the United States of America in general, the American dream is an inherent part of everyday American lives, and one that gives all of us the promise of a better life for not only ourselves but for our family as well, as long as we work hard and never give up. The Statue of Liberty is a constant reminder of that dream, forever making it cultural icon for the entire world.