Sex and the City

As far as TV shows go, not many capture the genuine essence of women blossoming and growing in a prominently sexual manner. However, one show that definitely hit the mark in this regard was “Sex and the City”. Obviously, “the city” hear refers to New York City (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it in the first place), and the term “sex” encapsulates much of the focus on the TV show in general, focusing on four young to middle-aged women and their sexual and romantic lives in general.

Unlike most other shows that are set in New York City, this show was different as the focus was precisely on issues related to women of all ages, a big reason why the show was critically acclaimed overall. Basic topics such as sexuality, safe sex, as well as more nuanced topics like feminism and promiscuity were all highlighted in the series and ultimately provided women all over the world with the tools necessary to grow as women sexually, just like the four main characters in the series were able to do.

One of the best examples of this was when Miranda introduced Carrie and Charlotte to the rabbit vibrator. Although both were relatively hesitant about using a rabbit vibrator in lieu of having real sex with real men, they both eventually came around, with Charlotte ultimately becoming addicted to her rabbit vibrator (at least until Miranda and Carrie had their intervention with her). Previously, there was no obvious forum to talk about issues such as vibrators to young women openly and honesty. But with “Sex and the City”, the somewhat awkward topic became front and center, giving way to women all over the world educating themselves on not just rabbit vibrators, but on all of the other vibrators available to them as well).

More so than just vibrators though, the show focused a lot on relationships and the good and the bad sides to them. The main characters in the show were often in and out of relationships, with complications almost always a factor – for example focusing on one’s career, or still having feelings for an ex. What was great about this show was that it really put things into perspective by showing young women that most relationships are complicated, and the reality is that things aren’t often going to come easy when it comes to finding love. But despite all that, all of the women persevered and found varying levels of success in their lives, which is something that all women can expect if they don’t let up and keep fighting for what they want in life.

Although this TV series was definitely not for everyone, it definitely had a lasting impression on the female demographic in particular. With so many themes that directly related to and struck a chord with women of all shapes and sizes, set across the backdrop of the breathtaking metropolis that is New York City, “Sex and the City” was a culturally significant masterpiece that will continue to be relevant and eye-opening to young women all over the world for years to come.