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Patterns with Purpose

A studio visit with Kim Piotrowski

It took a Terry Winter’s retrospective at the Whitney to help Kim Piotrowski put things into perspective. As a struggling pre-med student in college, Kim found herself shadowing the art student crowd on a regular basis. But it wasn’t until Winter’s exhibition that Kim finally decided it was time to hang up the lab coat and pick up the painter’s smock.

“That show changed me,” Kim explains in her City Island studio. “I couldn’t do organic chemistry anymore. I was horrible at it. I thought, how could I do this for the rest of my life?”

It was around the time of this major change that Kim’s father shared a National Geographic article on fractal geometry. Visually, she was drawn to the detailed, self-repeating patterns characterizing fractals. Conceptually, the prospect of maintaining some connection to the sciences even as she took the plunge into the fine arts was a reassurance. “I just started painting the fractals. All the while, I was attempting to blend the science and the art together so I wouldn’t forget one or the other.” Read More

By Francesca Sonara on July 23rd, 2012

Redefining the Lookbook

Through the lens of photographer Mikael Kennedy

The fashion lookbook has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years. In many ways, it has come to life and leapt off the proverbial pages–thanks in huge part to the artistic talents of the man or woman behind the camera. “I think companies in general are realizing that a lookbook doesn’t really need to be a person standing on a white backdrop. Lots of companies are really opening up to the idea of letting it be a little more wild; they are realizing that it gets more play that way,” photographer Mikael Kennedy observes. A well-known photographer for his own personal work, including his popular Polaroid collection “Passport To Trespass,” Mikael’s commercial photography has received equal amounts of attention. His shots for The Hill-Side‘s Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook spread like wildfire on the Internet, catching buzz left and right and gathering thousands of Tumblr re-blogs along the way.

Mikael always knew that he wanted to be a photographer. In high school, his mother gave him her old Nikkormat and he subsequently spent most of his time in the woods taking pictures. Read More

By Christine Mitchell on March 26th, 2012