‘Beauty’ Posts:

The Natural

Jessa Blades changes the makeup game

To many, the idea of “natural beauty” goes hand in hand with a cosmetics-free existence. But Jessa Blades would beg to differ. In fact, the traditional makeup artist turned eco product and lifestyle expert is committed to marrying the two, “helping women look like the best version of themselves using the best and healthiest products available.”

Recently, Terrific was lucky enough to witness the Brooklyn-based artist’s work firsthand, conducting a full day shoot featuring three distinctive makeup looks–all created with organic products. In addition to her obvious talent and enviable long locks, Jessa’s poise and genuine intelligence were undeniable.

“I love empowering women to learn how to care for their skin, inside and out,” she reveals in a follow-up phone call, “and how to use makeup that brings out their natural beauty.” Read More

By Rachel Kichler on February 29th, 2012

Talking Scents

with Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances

It is the most pervasive of accessories. Unlike a scarf or bracelet, once put on, it cannot be removed. It’s odd that most of us take the artistry required to develop our favorite fragrances for granted.

“It’s an invisible art,” says Anne McClain, founder of MCMC Fragrances. Citing her beginnings as a visual arts major with a focus on photography, Anne is no stranger to the power the sense of sight has over the sense of smell. “I had a strong connection to photography, particularly because I love to travel. It was so easy and fulfilling to take my camera with me and shoot photographs. It was my attempt at capturing something visually appealing from my experiences. But technically, I never excelled.” It was by chance that Anne attended a random perfume class in New York while working in interior design. “It occurred to me then just how evocative scent can be and how closely it is tied to our memories. You can walk into a space and if you’re familiar with the smell, a feeling washes over you. I felt that this was a more appropriate medium for me to express my stories.” Read More

By Francesca Sonara on January 18th, 2012